Debunking Mold Myths


mold damage removalMold is one of the most common problems property owners face. Studies have shown that 40 percent of metropolitan homes in the United States have mold. Since it is such a common issue everyone knows about mold and that it is bad. However, there are a few misconceptions about mold and its effect. Here are a few of them:

What “toxic mold” really means-

The term “toxic mold” can be very misleading. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is fatal or even pose serious health risks. Only certain mold spores are toxic and even then, under certain circumstances. That doesn’t mean the mold isn’t highly dangerous. There are many different types of mold that do different things under varying conditions.  Just do your own research when you hear the term “toxic mold” so you can understand what the mold will really do.

 Bleach kills all types of mold-

A common response when people find mold in their home is to attempt to kill it with a bleach. Most of the time this will work great. On the other hand, it is not proven that bleach can kill all types of mold in all circumstances. Bleach works best-killing mold on non-porous types of surfaces. When it comes to more porous surfaces such as wood bleach may not be the best option. Do specific research whenever you make the attempt to clean mold to ensure that the chemicals you are using are the most appropriate for that situation.

 If you only see a little mold it isn’t anything to worry about-

This is one of the most important misconceptions to avoid. Bleach is like an iceberg. The portion that is visible is only a tiny part of the mold that is actually there. If you have the mold to the point that you can visibly see it, you most likely have a lot more hidden back behind the walls of your home. At this point, you’ll want to take action immediately by hiring a professional and getting that mold removed.

 Cleaning mold isn’t hard. You should just do it yourself-

In many respects, cleaning mold really isn’t all that hard and you would be able to do it yourself. However, that is a risky path to follow. Household remedies will be able to dispel certain types of mold in smaller quantities, but most people are not fully equipped to go through the full mold remediation process. That process includes identifying the source of the mold, isolating it to prevent anymore spreading, and then cleaning or removing the affected areas. Unless you have the know-how to set up a containment unit, have HEPA vacuums, specialized cleaning agents, and know how to perform a wet extraction to prevent further growth in the mold, it is best that you call a professional restoration company.

IF mold does strike your home, Pioneer Restoration in Midland, Oregon is one such company that can help you rid your home of mold. We are experiences in dealing with all types of a mold problem, and we will be able to help you restore your home in no time!




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