Fire Damage Prevention Tips

Fire Damage Redmond Fire Damage Repair Redmond Fire Damage Cleanup RedmondDid you know that cooking fires are one the biggest causes of house fires? Taking precautions before and while cooking can go a long way in preventing a disastrous house fire. Cleaning your stove on a regular basis, keeping a close eye on food when cooking, and moving flammable objects away from any heat source are just some of the precautions you can take. The team of expert fire damage cleanup technicians at Pioneer Restoration have a few tips on how you can prevent kitchen fires from occurring while you cook.

If a fire does break out in your kitchen, contact Pioneer Restoration after local officials have extinguished the flames. Our crew can clean up and repair any fire related damage to your property.

Kitchen Fire Prevention Tips

  1. As we mentioned earlier, do not leave cooking food unattended. Whether you are using the stove, deep fryer, skillet, even a panini press, keep a close eye on your food. If you must leave the kitchen, turn off any cooking appliances.
  2. When baking with the oven use a timer as a reminder to turn off the heat. You will be surprised at how often homeowners forget to turn off the oven after they remove their food.
  3. Cooking on a regular basis leads to build-up from leftover food and grease, which can easily catch fire. Wipe up spills and clean the area regularly with white vinegar or any surface cleaner. When you know you’ll be cooking a lot, for events such as parties and holidays, give the stove top and oven a thorough cleaning to prevent any disasters that could ruin the day.
  4. Wear short or tight-fitting sleeves when cooking. Long loose sleeves are more likely to catch on fire or get caught on pot handles.
  5. It is important to check and clean your appliances regularly, just like with your stove food and grease can build up and cause a fire. Toasters, microwave, and fryer. Use an oil-based cleaner or a mixture of concentrated liquid dish soap and baking soda to scrub away the grease and food.
  6. Check all electrical cords for bubbling or fraying, if a cord is damaged do not use it.
  7. Check your smoke detectors. Make sure you have working smoke detectors on all floors of your home. You should have a smoke detector either inside or just outside of your kitchen.
  8. Keep your cooking area clear. Pot holders, wooden or plastic utensils, plastic bags, oven mitts, food packaging, towels, rags, or curtains – can all cause start a kitchen fire if left too close to a heat source.
  9. If you have children, try to implement a “Kids-Free Safe Zone” while cooking with the stove, fryer, grill, or any other appliance that uses extreme heat.
  10. You may want to consider purchasing a fire extinguisher for your kitchen. Kitchen fires can be difficult to put out when there is grease or electricity involved. Having a fire extinguisher on hand may help you prevent a small kitchen fire from turning into a major disaster.
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