Soot and Smoke Damage Not Always Caused by a House Fire

Soot damage is not always caused by a house fire. It’s common to only think of soot damage in your home if you’ve experienced the devastation of a house fire. But did you know that soot damage can be the result of a malfunction in your heating system, poor fireplace drafting, or excessive candle use over time?

These common occurrences, while not as dramatic as a house fire, result in the same dangerous, sometimes even toxic, residue caused by a house fire. While not as obvious, this soot damage is just as problematic as that caused by a fire.

Smoke and soot can travel throughout the hose and permeate almost every surface in your home. Drywall, paint, drapes, clothing and carpeting are most affected, but soot also settles on wood, metal, plastic and solid surfaces as well. Soot is extremely acidic, so the longer it stays on a surface the more damage it causes and the more difficult it becomes to remove. Furthermore, the type of fire determines whether wet or dry cleaning is required.

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