Professional Odor Abatement Services

“What’s that smell?”  Guests are unlikely to ask that question when entering your home or office, but if you find yourself or your family members noticing a lingering odor, your health could be at risk.  Lingering odors are almost without exception caused by airborne particles that are hazardous to humans and pets.  Natural odor absorbers such as baking soda, epsom salt solutions, vinegar, lemon or tea tree essential oils are all a good start if you want to deal with stinky shoes in the mud room or that “fishy” smell in the kitchen garbage can.  But while these efforts are economical and work well in the short term, they are only masking the odors and fail to address the source of the problem which could be fungal, bacterial, viral, or chemical.  If your home or office is consistently harboring an odor that is “musky” or “foul,” professional odor abatement services may be necessary.

  1. Change your air filters regularly.  Many people forget that regardless of how clean you keep your home, airborne particles of dust, dirt, virus, human hair and skin, pet dander, and exhaust are everywhere.  Keeping your air filters changed BEFORE they fail can help reduce the amount of particulates in the air, and help control odor in your home or office.
  2. Consider air duct cleaning.  Not only will this improve the air quality in your home, but it will help lower the cost of your power bill by increasing the efficiency of your AC.  Pioneer Restoration professional technicians have the powerful equipment necessary to restore clean air flow throughout your home or office.
  3. Hire an IICRC professional to inspect for mold and moisture, and do air quality testing.  Wet spots can occur behind drywall, in studs, ceiling tiles, behind bathroom tile, in wood flooring, and in any porous surface of your home.  If you suspect a lingering odor is more serious than just everyday traffic from kids and pets, don’t hesitate to call in a professional.  Using infrared sensors, and professional indoor air quality testing equipment, our certified technicians can identify areas of moisture where there may be potential fungal growth, and determine exactly what airborne particles are present in your home or office.  Once the source of the problem is identified, our trained technicians will treat the surface, whether its drywall, wood, grout, ceiling tile, carpet padding, or ceramic, with the specialized care necessary to remove the hazardous growth and eliminate the resulting odor.

The health of your family, your pets and your employees is paramount, and calling in the professionals to deal with exposure to potentially hazardous conditions is the only solution to feeling assured your home or office is as safe and clean as possible.  If you have concerns about a lingering odor or air quality in your home or office, the professionals at Pioneer Restoration are here to help.  Contact us today at 541-527-7260 for professional odor abatement, carpet cleaning, or mold and air quality inspection services.



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