Home Improvements During the Dry Season

Looking to make some DIY home improvements this summer?  Well we’ve done a little research and, according to the experts, here are just a few of the best projects to tackle during the dry season.

Interior Paint: Because rain is less likely, it’s easier to move furniture out to the garage or a porch if necessary to tackle painting a bedroom or living space.

Exterior Paint: This one is obvious.  You want a few nice sunny days for paint to dry, but it’s still cool enough during the early summer months that you won’t roast in the sun accomplishing this task.

Organize the Garage:  This can seem overwhelming, but begin by applying some basic principles.  Put like with like.  Store seasonal items high and commonly-used items within reach.  Invest in clear bins and shelving that allows easy access to single-layers.  If it’s broken and you don’t intend to fix it within the next week, throw it out or take it to a professional for repair.

Evaluate Your Water Treatment System:  Check components, or call in the professionals to have a look.  Is your water pressure low?  Are you tasting chlorine or a “metallic” taste?  These are signs the system may need some freshening up, and the summer months are the perfect time to get your water treatment system running and in good shape for the next year.

Tile and Flooring: The summer months are a great time to tackle flooring or tile projects because furniture and area rugs can be confidently stored in the garage or on a covered patio while humidity is low and there’s less threat of rain.  Also, low humidity will allow grout and adhesive to set quickly so that you can get the use of your space back as soon as possible.


Are you looking to do major kitchen or bathroom remodeling that goes beyond your DIY confidence level?  No problem!  Call the professional contractors at Pioneer Restoration for design ideas and options that work with your space and your budget!  541-527-7260


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