Could a Kitchen Remodel Improve Your Eating Habits

Is the environment you’re eating in affecting your food consumption?  Recent research implies this may be true.  A recent article by Brian Wansick PhD Cornell University, suggests that environment plays a large role in food consumption.  Dr. Wansick fleshes out the idea that environmental factors can distract or stress an individual while they are eating, causing their perception of portion size, and even enjoyment of the food, to be skewed.  For example, poor (dim) lighting has been proven to increase consumption in part because lower light levels decrease inhibitions.


Another factor that can affect eating habits is location and ease of access.  There’s a great article on the Daily Burn offering suggestions about how an organized pantry can help you keep healthier snack choices front and center, while putting the “almost never” junk foods out of easy reach.  This emphasizes the point that if you’re considering a kitchen remodel, think about pantry space in terms of what you want most accessible versus what you want up and out of the way – like those potato chips and fried pork rinds.


Have you ever noticed that most restaurants have an energetic soundtrack blaring?  There’s a reason for that.  Research has shown that upbeat music excites our subconscious, creating an environment in which we are stimulated to eat faster, and therefore consume more.  During the planning of your kitchen remodel, consider installing speakers or a small water feature that can serve to provide ambient noise, creating an atmosphere that is relaxing.  A relaxed mentality allows for slower consumption and a feeling of fullness earlier rather than later.


Want more great ideas for a kitchen remodel?  Call the pros at Pioneer Restoration and we can help you plan your kitchen remodel down to the last detail.  Let us help you create an atmosphere where food can be enjoyed rather than just consumed.

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