Reforestation Efforts and the Forestry Service in Central Oregon

There was a fantastic article in the paper recently about the reforestation efforts amidst all the local wildfires. The role our friends in the forestry service play in maintaining our forests is critical and often overlooked until these massive and tragic events occur. If you’re concerned about recent wildfires there are several resources you can turn to for more information and education on the topic, as well as some pro-active ideas to help protect your family and your property from future wild fires.

A first great resource is the US Forestry Service (USFS) website. There’s plenty of articles and tips for individuals living in rural settings on preparing for a wildfire. Additionally, the USFS has extensive resources for children and teens on wildfire prevention. For teens and adults interested in learning more about how USFS personnel are seeking to prevent and manage wildfires, you can read about the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy.

OneTreePlanted is a great organization to support reforestation efforts
OneTreePlanted is a great organization to support reforestation efforts

Another way to help in mitigating the damage done by wildfires is to participate in reforestation efforts. There are several organizations that actively support reforestation via donations or volunteer man-hours. The National Garden Club has a program called “Penny Pines” which members contribute “pennies” which add up to $68 donations – equivalent to providing enough saplings to plant an acre. Another great organization working to help maintain reforestation efforts is One Tree Planted. Individuals can donate and/or volunteer their time in projects close to home or around the state.

We love Central Oregon, and we’re thankful for the efforts of our National Government, our state officials, and local individuals and organizations seeking to keep us in harmony with nature.

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