Keeping Rodents Out

It’s getting cold, and who can blame them for seeking a little comfort? We may all find the little mice in “Frederick” adorable as they winter in the stone wall, their droppings can spread disease and increase allergens.  So we definitely don’t want them in our homes or crawlspaces.

Here are 5 Tips to keep Frederick and his Rodent pals in the stone wall and out of your home.

Replace or repair vent covers to help keep rodents out in the cold.
Replace or repair vent covers to help keep rodents out in the cold.


  1. Make sure trees and bushes aren’t providing easy access.  A good rule of thumb is to trim tree limbs to within 4 feet of the roof, and make sure any hedges around the house aren’t offering easy access to the roofline.
  2. Ensure vent screens are intact.  In addition to repairing any tears in vent screens, make sure they are securely fastened to the wall to prevent intrusion.
  3. Identify any possible rodent problems now before the heavy snows.  Check for nests in crawl spaces and in gables and eaves.  Mice have even been known to nest in gutters.
  4. Rats can fit through openings as small as the size of a dime.  Creep enough to think about, so make sure that exterior entries for cable, electrical and plumbing are sealed COMPLETELY.
  5. Keep your property clean.  It sounds basic enough but any amount of food in garbage cans around the home is attractive.  Make sure everything is secured and inaccessible.


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