Prevent Water Damage while on Vacation – 5 Helpful Tips

After you clean, finish all laundry, put mail on hold, and get the doggies to the boarder, don’t forget to “flood-proof” your home or apartment before you leave for vacation.

It’s not hard to set off for a great vacation with peace of mind that your home and property won’t flood while you’re away.  Here are 5 helpful tips to prevent water damage while away on vacation.

  1. Invest in a sensor from the local home improvement store.  There are some great new tech gadgets, some even attached to an app you can put on your phone, which will sense a leak and automatically shut off water at the source.
  2. Recruit a neighbor or geographically close relative.  It’s worth a bottle of wine or a $20 gift card to Dunkin’ Donuts in exchange for asking a neighbor or friend to pop over and just check in on everything while your gone.  If there IS a problem, a water damage expert can be alerted and engaged right away, preventing further damage and more expensive repairs down the road.
  3. Check and clean gutters.  Although they’re outside, if gutters are getting clogged and flooded, this water will back up into the roofline, creating problems.  Additionally, make sure downspouts are sending water at LEAST 4 feet from the foundation, and in a downward slope to prevent flooding around and into the foundation.
  4. Turn off water sources to appliances.  We know you probably need the sprinkler to run while you’re away, but water to the ice maker in the fridge, water to the dishwasher, and water to washing machine is unnecessary while you’re away.
  5. Turn off the main water valve.  It’s a simple solution, and while there maybe instances this isn’t possible, if you can just cut the supply to your home, that’s a great solution.

If you’ve experienced any water damage in your home, or if you want help from an expert to prevent water damage while you’re away, give us a call here at Pioneer Restoration.  We know you’re never ready for a disaster, but we’re ALWAYS ready.

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