Protect Your Foundation as Snow Melts

Water seeping into a dwelling is not covered by homeowners’ insurance, (covered by flood insurance) so if your home sustains water damage as the snow melts, this can become a very expensive problem.  Here are 5 tips for protecting the foundation from flooding during the spring thaw.

  1. Make sure gutters are clear and downspouts drain at least 10 feet away from the foundation.
  2. If there are trees within 15 feet of the house, make sure limbs are trimmed up, and observe carefully the amount of moisture collecting on the ground as the snow melts.  Ideally, trees should be at least 15 feet AWAY from your dwelling.
  3. Consider installing underground drainage system.  This can be done as a DIY if you’re a handy-man type, but for most people, professional installation is the way to go.  If it’s too late this winter, consider putting mulch near the foundation to help absorb moisture as the snow begins to melt.  During the spring, look at some creative landscaping using rocks and mulch to protect the foundation next winter.
  4. Make sure all cracks in basement are filled and sealed.
  5. Ensure the sump pump is pumping water far enough away from the dwelling.

If you’ve experienced water damage, or are concerned about moisture in your home or basement, contact Pioneer Restoration.  Our IICRC Certified professionals and licensed contractors can help you keep your home safe and dry.



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