Why Water Restoration Is a Part of Fire Cleanup

If your business has suffered fire damage, then water is also now one of your major concerns. Look beyond the blacked walls. You’ll notice the soggy baseboards, ceiling tiles and carpeting. After all, extinguishing sparks usually involves a hose and a very heavy dousing of fluid. Therefore, in order to ensure proper order is returned, proprietors should take steps to discuss both areas of cleanup.

1. Why Is Water a Factor?

The emergency crew used a fire hose to extinguish the blaze. When that happened, the walls, roof and carpeting may have become saturated with fluid. This certainly squelched the flames, bringing the conflagration to an end and salvaging the premises. However, it also leaves behind high levels of moisture in an exposed environment, creating a perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria. If left alone, the area could become contaminated.

2. How Does a Blaze Impact a Structure?

While the rescue efforts left behind water, the initial conflagration burned through walls, ceilings and materials, accumulating a long list of fire damage. A fire restoration company in Redmond, Oregon, should look over the establishment checking on the following areas:

Structural integrity
Security complications
Electrical hazards
Smoke stained belongings
Ruined contents

3. How Is This Handled?

The fire and water damage must both then be repaired, each with clear focus and proper methods. Dehumidifiers can help draw out the excess moisture, minimizing the risk of mold growth. While that occurs, the crew can begin assessing valuables, determining if things are too waterlogged or can be salvaged through content cleaning methods. With that gets under control, they can begin to scrub the ashen walls, sanitizing them to look like new again. Structures are fixed, items are replaced and walls get a new coat of paint. When it’s all over, the business should look back to normal.
When you talk about fire damage, you will also focus on water cleanup. Dry the place up; then, put effort into restoration efforts with Pioneer Restoration.

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