3 Tips To Prepare Kids To Escape a House Fire

A house fire might not seem like a common occurrence in Bend, Oregon, but it is still something every family should be prepared to deal with. Here are 3 kids safety tips to help be prepared if a fire happens.

Create an Escape Plan

The first step to making sure that children know how to get out of a burning house is to make a fire escape plan. Draw a map of the house and mark all of the possible exits and an outside meeting location. Then, make an escape route from each kid’s bedroom to the nearest exit. Have back up routes and meeting points just in case.

Teach Kids Escape Tactics

Most people’s instinct during a fire is to get up and run. Help children fight that urge by teaching them to do the following during a home fire:

1. Roll out of bed instead of sitting up and standing. Rolling over and easing down to the floor will keep kids away from smoke and heat.
2. Stay as close to the floor as possible and crawl out of the house. Show kids how to “army crawl” with their knees out and legs flat.
3. Check every closed door with the back of the hand to see if it is hot. Open cool doors slowly and watch for flames or smoke before entering. Always close doors once through them. Closed doors slow down the spread and help prevent fire damage.


Getting the escape plan down is important for kids safety. Routinely going through escape routes and rules ensures that kids know them and helps build confidence. Children will be more prepared and calmer if they do need to escape a fire.

Kids safety is on a parent’s mind 24/7. Having a well-practiced plan to execute in case of a home fire is one way to help moms and dads sleep soundly at night.

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