7 Things You Should Know About Water Damage

Water damage is among the most common causes of residential property damage. A pipe burst, roof damage or faulty appliance connections are all potential sources of leaks. Here are seven useful water damage facts.

1. Water Damage Is Common

Water damage is the second most common cause of homeowners insurance claims. The top reason — storm damage caused by wind and hail — can also lead to water damage.

2. Water Damage Can Be Costly

The national average for cleaning up water damage is around $3,000. Clean water from a water line may cost less, but the total for contaminated water could be much more.

3. Mitigation and Cleanup Should Start Within 24 Hours

You can limit the severity of damage by having standing water and residual moisture extracted and drying the area. Try to get professionals on site the same day as a pipe burst or sewer backup.

4. Mold Can Grow In 48 to 72 Hours

Mold may start to grow within just two to three days after water damage. Arrange for mitigation and cleanup as soon as you become aware of a leak.

5. Contamination Calls for Disinfection

Areas exposed to contaminated water must be disinfected. Category 2 water may contain chemicals or microbes. Category 3 water is grossly contaminated with solid waste.

6. Clean Water Can Be Dried

A broken supply line may only require drying. However it is important to act quickly, as water quality degrades over time.

7. Unrestored Damage May Lead to Mold

Failure to completely clean and dry water damage increases the likelihood that mold will grow. This secondary damage is excluded from most homeowner’s insurance policies.

Homeowners should address water damage as soon as it occurs at a household located in Central Oregon. Damage caused by a pipe burst can simply be dried, but areas exposed to flooding may necessitate disinfection and tearing out damaged materials.

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