Prevent Damage Waiting for Roof Repairs

Ice, heavy rains, wind and hail can all do a number to the roof of your Bend, Oregon home. If left unchecked, a simple roof repair may turn into a roof replacement. After the storm blows over, it’s important to inspect your home for potential roof damage to mitigate further risk.

Signs of Damage

While hail may present clear signs, a wind damaged roof isn’t always as easy to tell. Below are key items to look for:

Missing shingles or their debris on the ground
Curled, dented or cracked shingles
Asphalt granules in downspouts
Dented, missing or hanging flashing and downspouts
Water build-up in gutters
Discoloration or water spots on ceilings
Walls that show signs of bubbling, cracking or peeling

Prevent Additional Damage

If any of the above signs show up, a roof repair is needed. Unfortunately, a trained professional may not be able to immediately show and fix the problem. To avoid any secondary damage during the wait, consider the following to protect your home:

Replace broken or missing shingles
Board up visible holes from inside the attic
Use a heavy-duty tarp to keep moisture out
Patch small areas with roofing cement or tape

After installing a temporary seal, it’s also important to consider the items in the attic or wherever water damage has made an appearance. Any furniture, clothing and other porous materials should be removed to a dry location and safely dried and cleaned. If there is visible standing water, ensure it is cleaned up as best as possible to avoid further damage to wood and the potential growth of mold. If safe to do so, ventilate the space and ensure airflow us optimized using fans and a dehumidifier.

Although every homeowner will have to eventually deal with a roof repair, it can be overwhelming if that repair doesn’t get fixed before the next storm. Taking a few preventive measures while waiting can minimize the damage.

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