Secure Your Building After a Fire With These 4 Steps

Recovering from a fire can be a huge paperwork headache in Redmond, Oregon. The process of repairing and restoring fire damage, filing an insurance claim, and minimizing business losses can be quite overwhelming. During this time, however, it is imperative not to overlook the importance of keeping your building secure from looting and vandalism.

Damaged buildings can often be a target for break-ins. Here are four ways to keep your building safe and secure as you begin the recovery process.

1. Install an Alarm System

An alarm system is a simple way to avert looters and vandals. If an alarm sounds during a break-in, the loud volume of the alarm alone may be enough to scare them away. You can also select alarm service that notifies local authorities who will respond to the emergency when the alarm goes triggered.

2. Board Up Openings

Be sure to board up any windows or doors that could serve as a point of entry for anyone tempted to break in. Not only will this provide a physical barrier to impede looting, but it will also prevent any additional damage from broken glass while you are working to repair the fire damage inside.

3. Security Services

Having a security presence is another way to deter robbers. If they spot security guards roaming the property, they will be less tempted to break in. Calling local authorities and asking them to conduct routine check-ins on your property can have a similar effect as well.

4. Cleanup Services

Hire professionals that specialize in fire cleanup. The faster you clean up and restore your business, the quicker your building will be less of a target for break-ins. In addition, professionals will ensure that the building is thoroughly cleaned with the proper equipment, as water, soot and smoke damage can be difficult to address on your own.

Fire damage can be overwhelming and securing your business and protecting it from burgling and robbery can overlooked easily in a crisis moment. With these proper steps, you can keep the damage caused from the fire contained without leaving your business vulnerable.

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