Why Should I Have an Emergency Ready Profile?

Did you know that over half of businesses in Bend, Oregon won’t be able to reopen after a disaster? Avoid becoming part of this staggering statistic by creating an emergency profile for your company. This is a plan designed to help you get back in business as soon as possible. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Create a brief company profile document

This important document contains only the most salient information that you would need access to after a disaster. You should include this information:

Emergency contact numbers
Planned meeting points
A map of shut-off valves and breaker boxes
Emergency chain of command

2. Choose an emergency restoration company.

Another important feature of your profile document should be the contact information of an emergency restoration company, such as SERVPRO. Choosing a provider ahead of time will save you a lot of stress, and you can even send them a copy of your plan so they’re prepared to help. You can call a local representative to help you set up the profile and make sure it includes all necessary information.

3. Back up your emergency ready plan (ERP).

Your emergency profile is no good if the only copy is inside a damaged building. Make physical and digital copies of the document and keep them in different places. This will ensure that continuity of business is possible. Your chosen restoration provider may help with this. Not only can they keep a copy for you, but some companies use an online portal or ERP app to aid in the creation and execution of the plan. Check with your provider to see what options they offer.

No one wants to think their business may not survive a disaster, but there’s a lot you can do to prepare. Creating an emergency profile takes little time but will pay off should you ever need to use it.

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