A Leaking Roof Requires Immediate Action

When a roof leak makes an appearance at your Bend, OR business, immediate action needs to happen. If left unchecked, it could mean a damaged roof that needs to be replaced instead of repaired. Key steps to minimizing the damage from spreading include containing the area and having a professional inspection.


It is essential to keep a roof leak from making its way to other areas of the minimize. Containing the issue helps you minimize the loss, which could mean significant cost savings. Below are four actions to take:

If the roof is still dripping, use buckets or bowls to catch the water and keep it from being absorbed into the structure. Wipe up excess water or use a wet/dry vacuum to eliminate standing water.

Inspect the ceiling for any swollen spots. If they are present, it means water is pooling above. Instead of having it pour down, create a small hole to slowly release the moisture.

Remove any wet furniture and belongings from the area. Store them in a well-ventilated and secure space to start drying out.

If moving furniture isn’t an option, cover items with a tarp or plastic sheeting until the issue is resolved.

Professional Help

Leaks can happen for a number of reasons, including missing shingles or damaged flashing. Regardless of the source, the saturated components in the affected area could be compromised.

Contacting a professional restoration company is an ideal way to ensure that any hidden damage is recovered and all the proper repairs are done right. Along with tearing out wet porous materials, drying out the area to reduce mold growth and using industrial-grade techniques and products to clean and sanitize, they will also restore your property back to its pre-loss state. While dealing with a roof leak is not a fun situation, taking quick action and getting the right help can minimize the damage and associated costs.

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