Use a Snake To Unclog a Drain in 4 Easy Steps

As a Bend, Oregon homeowner, you have many resources to fix clogged pipes, from small hand tools to professional plumbers. For a smaller clog, you might consider a device called a snake that digs deep into the pipe and breaks or pulls out the blockage. If this is your first time using this object, follow these steps for a successful use.

1. Insert the Snake

Once you confirm a clog stopped the drain, place the snake over the opening. When you push it into location, turn the handle to release the auger and send it down the pipe and towards the blocking material.

2. Handle the Blockage

Keep turning and pushing the handle to send the auger down the pipe until you hit the clogged end. The snake’s constant rotation on the tight space will hit the blockage and either push it down or tear it apart. This is where you test your patience and stamina as you will have to keep twisting until making progress. If the clog is still intact, you may have some luck during the next steps.

3. Remove the Snake

Whether you pushed down the obstruction successfully or the auger has attached to it, you will need to turn the handle the other way and carefully pull out the wire from the drain. Once you do, remove the snake from the drain. If you were unable to loosen or break the clog, it is possible for it to attach to the auger, giving you the opportunity to pull it out.

4. Blast Some Water

Flush water down the drain at full force. If you removed or destroyed the clog, this step ensures the drain works. Meanwhile, if you were unable to pull it, there is a chance that both your attempts and the water are strong enough to free it down the drain. If the material remains, contact experienced plumbers, as leaving it intact can cause a pipe break.
Snakes are valuable tools that fix most clogged pipe cases. Learn how to operate one to remove blockage safely and avoid pipe and water damage.

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