Acting Quickly After a Pipe Break Can Help Prevent Water Damage

Bursting pipes are a relatively frequent problem in Central Oregon. This problem can be mitigated by regular maintenance, but eventually, there will be a leak, and the longer it runs, the greater the damage.

Fast action is everything when it comes to leaking plumbing. Excess water gets into everything, seeping through tiny cracks and being absorbed by any porous material it touches. Once behind the wall, it can cause horrendous damage:

Electrical system shorts
Drywall destruction
Floor buckling
Foundation cracking
Structural damage

Signs and Symptoms

If the water leak is caused by bursting pipes, it’s potentially a blessing in disguise. A large water leak is usually discovered very quickly, leaving much less time for water absorption. The truly dreaded water issue is the pinhole leak hidden behind walls. These can go on for months (or longer), letting the damage build up.

Look for discolorations in the wall or ceiling. If they are yellow or tan and otherwise unexplained, they’re likely from leaking water. Also note foul, musty odors in a specific area – a sign of black mold growth. Wet spots, warped flooring or drywall buckling are also signs of water damage.

Don’t Wait!

Immediately shut off the water. Next, remove all the excess water. If you are quick enough, you can save thousands of dollars in damage. Then call a top restoration company that’s familiar with the types of water damage Bend, Oregon will experience. They’ll work with insurance companies to determine your coverage and help get your building back to normal.

They’ll fix broken pipe, begin the structural drying process and inspect for mold. The faster the dehumidification happens, the greater the mitigation of damage. A great deal of the content can often be rescued, and areas impacted by sewer water can be sanitized. Air movers and scrubbers are used to extract as much moisture out of the indoor air as possible.

Bursting pipes can be either a devastating disaster or an inconvenience. It mostly depends on quick detection and action by you – or your tenants. It’s in your interest to inspect your properties regularly!

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