Ways To Avoid Mold Buildup in Your Facility

As the head of the custodial team at the office in Bend, Oregon you’re proud of the work that you do to keep the building in tip-top shape. The landscaping is perfect, there’s never trash on the ground inside or outside, and no one has every complained that you forgot to take out the trash over the weekend. You even make sure that carpet cleaning is part of the regular rotation. There is one crucially important factor that you have to keep an eye on: mold. Even in the cleanest facilities, mold can grow where there is dust, high humidity, or moisture. Here are a few ways that you can keep ahead of the mold.

1. Air Ducts

Air ducts are often responsible for the spread of mold without people realizing it. Dust buildup, a leaky air conditioner, or a damaged vent are ideal environments for mold spores to settle and grow. Once the mold has taken root, spores are being blown all over the building as long as the HVAC unit is on. Regularly cleaning vents, ducts, and filters will help to prevent mold problems.

2. Carpets

Carpet cleaning may be a regular part of your routine, but deep cleaning them may not be. If dust builds up under desks or behind filing cabinets or the carpet under a plant is routinely damp, that’s where mold can grow. Each step releases more spores into the air and damage can spread to the walls.

3. Vacuums

It’s also important to think about what type of vacuum you use to do your job. Commercial vacuums with HEPA filters trap mold spores instead of sending them back into the air. Carpet cleaning with a vacuum that isn’t suited for the job is no better than not cleaning.

By paying special attention to areas that are susceptible to mold problems, you are ensuring that your office building is a safe environment for everyone who works inside.

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