What Are the Most Common Causes of Home Fires?

Fires remain a common cause of harm to civilians in America. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a civilian sustained a fatal fire injury every two hours and 22 minutes in 2019. A civilian suffered a non-fatal fire injury every 32 minutes that year. Most of these deaths and injuries resulted from home fire.

Fire Statistics

Home structure fires only accounted for 26 percent of all total blazes in 2019. However, house blazes were responsible for:

73 percent of the civilian injuries
52 percent of the property damage
Nearly 75 percent of the civilian deaths

As a homeowner in Redmond, Oregon you should thus understand the leading house fire causes in America. This should help you prevent your property from getting damaged in a blaze.

Cooking Fires

The NFPA studied the leading causes of house fires from 2013 through 2017. Cooking activities caused nearly half of all these fires. Cooking blazes are also responsible for 45 percent of home fire injuries and 21 percent of deaths. Cooking fires do not just cause physical injuries, either. They also lead to more than $1 billion in property damage each year.

To prevent cooking fires, you should be attentive when working on the stove. Cooktops and ranges led to 61 percent of reported home cooking fires. Most cooking blazes resulted from unattended cooking, and many took place during the holiday season.

Other Common Home Fires

Heating equipment, including chimneys and space heaters, is the second-leading cause of home fires in America. Electrical distribution and lighting issues were the third most-common sources of home fires and the leading causes of home fire property damage. Finally, while smoking materials only cause five percent of home fires in America, they lead to 22 percent of the house fire deaths.

A house blaze can injure your loved ones and cause massive damage that requires fire cleaning services. Since fires are commonly caused by cooking and heating equipment, you should be particularly careful when utilizing those items.

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