4 Tips for Filing a Fire Claim

The aftermath of a fire can be a huge burden to your business, and it is important to file a claim as quickly as possible after the incident. Filing a fire claim is a relatively straightforward process in Bend, Oregon if you stay organized and keep detailed records.

Here are four tips for filing a claim with your insurance company.

1. Contact Your Insurance Company as Soon as Possible

Reach out to your provider by calling, emailing, or contacting their online customer service. Many insurance companies allow you to submit a fire claim online, making it even easier and faster to start the process. You can track the status of your claim through your online account.

2. Gather Pertinent Business Records

Pull together any important records that show the value of any property that was damaged during the fire. You should also collect documents to prove your business income prior to the incident in case you need to claim lost income due to business interruptions from fire damage.

3. Document Damages and Expenses

Draft a detailed list of all damage, including any personal property that was destroyed. Do not throw anything away until after the adjuster has visited. If you absolutely must remove an item, take photographs of the damage prior to doing so. You should also keep track of any costs for any repairs made while waiting for the adjuster in addition to the costs for any fire restoration and cleanup services used to restore your business.

4. Stay organized

Keep all your claim documents and receipts together with your claim number insurance company’s contact information. Having all these files together in one place will make it easier to find information and answer questions regarding your claim if they arise.

Recovering from a fire is hard enough and submitting a fire claim should not add more stress to your plate. Stay organized, keep detailed records, and document the costs along the way. Following these steps will help your claims process go as smoothly as possible.

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