The 411 on Mold: Important Things To Understand About Spore Growth

What is black mold, and why should business owners in Bend, Oregon even have it on their radar? These little microscopic spores are fairly common in society, usually lurking about invisible and harmless. Under the right conditions, though, they prove quite troublesome. Not only do they infest structures, but they spread like wildfire, making a small problem something quite large. Proprietors, therefore, should know what it is and how to prevent it. Here are four things to know about the fungus.

1. They Are Not Contained With Chemicals

If you’re thinking of spraying some bleach around the building to handle that pesky mold cleanup, think again. The chemical is a surface cleaner, only useful for eliminating spores on non-porous substances. When water damage occurs, spores can penetrate deep into porous objects.

2. They Feed on Moisture

Black mold reacts to fluid. When the property is dry, it is unlikely to cause problems. Wipe up puddles immediately, avoid leaks and keep the humidity low.

3. They are Decomposers

In nature, the microbes act as a natural decomposer, tasked with breaking down old pieces of wood. It’s useful in keeping the cycle of life; however, in a damp building, the spores’ actions could lead to foundation and structural issues.

4. They Are Always Present

Spores are always present. They come inside on people’s shoes and clothing. They even move through the wind, migrating into the business via the windows, doors and vent system. It’s troublesome to owners only if there is a moisture problem. Just be aware that the more exposure, the more spores may inhabit the space.

Try to have mats for people to wipe shoes. Clean and vacuum the floors regularly, and have the vents cleaned out periodically. You could even look into a UV light for the air handler.
Black mold is around you; it’s Mother Nature’s helper. The spores become bothersome when water lingers, triggering reproduction. To prevent the fungus from harming your property, business owners should prevent and mitigate water damage.

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