4 Actions To Take After a Broken Pipe

It is just a matter of time before a plumbing problem arises in your commercial building. Bursting pipes happen for reasons as varied as the old age of the plumbing materials to physical damage from heavy equipment. Whatever the cause, it is important to take quick and decisive action. The following steps will help your company recover from an unexpected water disaster.

1. Stop the Flow of Water.

If water continues to gush out into a room or behind a wall, a shut-off valve should be located and turned to stop the water flow. A contractor should be summoned to fix broken pipe before the water flow is restored.

2. Call in a Professional Water Remediation Team.

Once the bursting pipes are stabilized, an experienced water mitigation crew in [City, State], can begin to work on limiting any additional damage to your building. The workers will remove any standing water with vacuums and they will proceed to dry out any moist areas. Technicians will test for excess moisture and humidity and make sure inaccessible areas (such as behind walls and under flooring) have not been impacted.

3. Check in With Your Insurance Company.

If your building has suffered any water damage in Redmond, Oregon it is important to begin the claims process. Your commercial insurance will likely provide coverage for damage as well as the cost of the remediation efforts. Check with your agent to see what you can do to streamline the claims process.

4. Check the Final Work.

When the remediation crew is ready to depart, take a good look at the completed work. You want to make sure no loose ends exist. Your building should be restored to its original condition. You should insist that no odors or stains remain.
While bursting pipes in your building can wreak havoc on your company, all is not lost. By taking suitable actions promptly you can limit damages and reduce expenses.

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