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3 Reasons You Have Noisy Pipes

The noise coming from your pipes may not just be a nuisance. It could be a sign of a serious plumbing problem, such as a pipe break. These are three of the reasons you may have noisy pipes. 1. You Have a Water Flow or Water Pressure Problem Loud banging sounds coming from your pipes […]

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What Are the Most Common Causes of Home Fires?

Fires remain a common cause of harm to civilians in America. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a civilian sustained a fatal fire injury every two hours and 22 minutes in 2019. A civilian suffered a non-fatal fire injury every 32 minutes that year. Most of these deaths and injuries resulted from home fire. […]

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Acting Quickly After a Pipe Break Can Help Prevent Water Damage

Bursting pipes are a relatively frequent problem in Central Oregon. This problem can be mitigated by regular maintenance, but eventually, there will be a leak, and the longer it runs, the greater the damage. Fast action is everything when it comes to leaking plumbing. Excess water gets into everything, seeping through tiny cracks and being […]

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Ways To Avoid Mold Buildup in Your Facility

As the head of the custodial team at the office in Bend, Oregon you’re proud of the work that you do to keep the building in tip-top shape. The landscaping is perfect, there’s never trash on the ground inside or outside, and no one has every complained that you forgot to take out the trash […]

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Why Professional Mold Remediation Is Worth the Cost

To save money, you may want to do some home renovations and repairs yourself. However, when it comes to mold removal, you should not cut corners. The process needs to be done properly to protect your home and your belongings. Your thus should not hesitate to spend money on professional remediation services. What Do Mold […]

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Use a Snake To Unclog a Drain in 4 Easy Steps

As a Bend, Oregon homeowner, you have many resources to fix clogged pipes, from small hand tools to professional plumbers. For a smaller clog, you might consider a device called a snake that digs deep into the pipe and breaks or pulls out the blockage. If this is your first time using this object, follow […]

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A Leaking Roof Requires Immediate Action

When a roof leak makes an appearance at your Bend, OR business, immediate action needs to happen. If left unchecked, it could mean a damaged roof that needs to be replaced instead of repaired. Key steps to minimizing the damage from spreading include containing the area and having a professional inspection. Containment It is essential […]

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