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What Does Flood Insurance Actually Cover?

What Flood Insurance Does and Does Not Cover It’s invaluable, but you need to understand the deductibles, dollar limits, and restrictions of Flood Insurance. What’s Covered: Essential systems in the home. This includes electrical and plumbing systems, furnaces, water heaters, central air conditioners, heat pumps, and sump pumps. It also includes cisterns and the water […]

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Prevent Damage to Plumbing This Winter

It’s vital to winterize your plumbing and pipes to prevent expensive damage and flooding as ice thaws.  The process of winterizing plumbing and pipes varies depending on whether the house will be unoccupied throughout the coldest months, or whether the occupants of the house will be able to maintain the plumbing throughout the winter to […]

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Reforestation Efforts and the Forestry Service in Central Oregon

There was a fantastic article in the paper recently about the reforestation efforts amidst all the local wildfires. The role our friends in the forestry service play in maintaining our forests is critical and often overlooked until these massive and tragic events occur. If you’re concerned about recent wildfires there are several resources you can […]

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The Importance of Hiring an IICRC Professional

Water Damage Restoration, Fire Damage Cleanup, Mold Removal, Structural Drying, and Carpet Cleaning are all very specialized practices using professional equipment and strong cleaning solutions. All of our project managers here at Pioneer Restoration are IICRC trained and/or licensed contractors. We take the quality of work done in your home, and the safety or our […]

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Water Damage Restoration Reviews

Do reviews matter when you’re choosing a water damage restoration company? Of course they do. Most people believe that they must go with whomever an insurance agent recommends, and while that’s usually a safe bet it’s also good to have a look at potential providers and what their customers have said. Every water damage restoration […]

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Pet Care After a House Fire

When a family experiences the traumatic event of a house fire, there are many resources available to help restore possessions, take care of physical injuries, and provide temporary housing and help during the restoration efforts.  But what about pets? While the Salvation Army, the Red Cross and the insurance company are seeking to help the […]

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Air Scrubber can Improve the Air Quality in Your Home or Office

If your home or office has been recently remodeled, painted, or new carpeting, an air scrubber may be beneficial to reduce fumes and particulates, and improve the air quality post-construction or post-remodel.  Most people think air scrubbers are necessary only during disaster restoration, but this is far from the truth.  Air scrubbers can be very […]

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